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Not so Cheeky Rascal

Cheeky Rascal Apple is a refreshingly clean, crisp blend of the best in-season varietals: currently pink lady and granny smith. Lightly bubbled, there’s the distinct taste of fresh green apple, with an off-dry but well balanced mid palate and a hint of acidity.
$99 - Case of 24

Strawberry & Apple
Cheeky Rascal Strawberry & Apple blend is delicately sweet and immediately opens with a pleasantly aromatic nose of field fresh strawberries and apple. The sweetness is wonderfully balanced on the palate with a crisp apple bite and a refreshingly dry finish.
$99 - Case of 24

Raspberry & Apple
Cheeky Rascal Raspberry & Apple blend has a distinctive somewhat decadent raspberry start, balanced perfectly with crisp fresh apple skins on the finish. It offers a distinctive aroma of fresh raspberry shortcake and stewed apple. Its light fizz and sweetness harmonizes an underlying crisp apple presence.
$99 - Case of 24

Cheeky Rascal Pear is perfectly balanced and not too sweet; the pear skins give these ciders some surprising spice tones, which set it apart. With a little mid-palate dryness and a well balanced sweetness, there is a surprise packet of taste in this one.
$99 - Case of 24

Strawberry & Pear
Cheeky Rascal Strawberry & Pear is juicy and fruity - 20% Strawberry wine and 80% Pear juice have been combined to create a juicy, fruity experience with some definite lingering spice. If you’ve ever tried black pepper on strawberries, you’ll see how this spicy blend has created the perfect partnership.
$99 - Case of 24

Cheeky Rascal Summerberry starts rich with raspberry, followed by blueberry, finishing with a very distinct fresh green pear to finish. This little package is the epitome of fruit cider. If you can imagine four fruits combined in a mouth filling swirl of a berry bomb, with just the right amount of sweetness and a touch of spice, then you know this blend. A great summer drink, and one that could be warmed on a cold winter’s night.
$99 - Case of 24

Mulled Apple Cider
Think baked apple crumble sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and vanilla in a glass.  Our expertly honed spiced recipe complements the apple perfectly and combines to create a mouthful of warming, hearty apple with a hint of sweet, creaminess from the vanilla. Enjoy piping hot on a cold day, or allow to cool and create a lip-smacking spiced apple sangria that will be the star performer at any party.

WARNING: Under Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence
- To supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (Penalty exceeds $7,000)
- For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor (Penalty exceeds $600).