Our story

Rebello Wines was born on the Gallace's family-owned strawberry farm, Sunny Ridge, on the Mornington Peninsula. Like most Italian families that came to Australia, Matt Gallace's grandparents brought with them agricultural and winemaking techniques handed down over generations when they purchased the land.

As was tradition in Italy, any abundant fruit at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm was made into wine, to be shared among the Gallace family and visitors to the farm. As the third generation of Sunny Ridge, Matt and his wife Ruth took this fruit-wine knowledge, combined it with a little healthy disrespect for conventional tastes, and began to create completely innovative wines, liqueurs and ciders made with real fruit. 

Rebello Wines is now a renowned winery in its own right, with a string of accolades, including Strawbellini (now Moscato Strawberry Sparkling) taking out double gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, where it was the only Australian wine to do so.

Predicting the rise in popularity of cider several years ago, Rebello Wines branched out to create a fun and adventurous sister brand: Cheeky Rascal Cider. Cheeky is home to Australia's first 100% real fruit cider, and stands by a mantra of no artificial colours, flavours or concentrates. Cheeky Rascal is now a well-established cider brand, stocked in iconic bars such as Young & Jacksons in the Melbourne CBD and a key sponsor of the Queen Victoria Summer Night Markets. It's ciders are known for pushing flavour boundaries with bold blends such as blood orange, limoncello and pear (Italian Street Series), and apple, lime, mint and chilli (Mexican Street Series). 

Put simply, Rebello Wines and Cheeky Rascal Cider produce beverages that are a little cheeky, highly innovative, yet respectful of the tradition that brought them to be. Here at the cider house, we like to think of it as a strawberry rebellion.